The Notary Firm handles any and all legal matters the law maker provides exclusive competence of to notaries.

The Notary Firm draws up contracts guaranteeing its clients the very highest legal certainty and protection, in compliance with any and all provisions of law.

The execution timing varies depending on the types of deeds, on any preliminary reviews and on the complexity thereof. Appointments shall be set in the shortest possible time in any event. In depth analysis of legal matters is the best evidence to clients about the notary’s expertise and his ability to guarantee long lasting deeds.

The Notary Firm staff is very well skilled in the English language allowing it to autonomously deal with any correspondence and any conveyancing transactions as well as incorporation of companies; while as to other languages the firm may count on several interpreters and translators providing their services to the Firm on an ongoing basis.

The Firm does not just draw up contracts on the basis of inputs provided by clients or their own advisors, but offers as well its own solutions and this particular trait has made the Firm a noteworthy point of reference when dealing with complex transactions and extraordinary corporate transactions both requiring a wide range of expertise and an understanding of civil, commercial, administrative and tax laws as a whole.

Notary Francesco Steidl was one of the ten founder members back in 2008 and is currently a member of the Association INSIGNUM (www.insignum.it), a network of about forty notary firms throughout the country, mainly located in the center and north of Italy. The Association INSIGNUM provides, among other services, a high level Research Center, which on demand provides well thought out answers to civil, corporate and tax questions.